How to ask someone to be your best man

How to ask someone to be your best man

When it comes to a wedding there is a lot of things to be checked off from the to-do bucket list. Especially it is important when it comes to choosing the ones who stand by us throughout the wedding. The groom’s men are the ones who are going to the entire bucket list checking out jobs. However, making them agree to all these jobs is a pretty difficult task. As if for checking out the groomsmen proposal the clever wedding men have it all planned and have created multiple ways to ask groomsmen.

Since a load of wedding works lies on the groomsmen’s shoulders it might be difficult to convince them and to ask to be groomsmen. It is not easy to convince as they do the tasks of attending all the events of the wedding to managing guests at the party. Also not to mention the writing speech for the bride and groom during the dinner is also included.

Hence convincing a person and to ask someone to be your best man is challenging.  But this can be solved by a few methods and convince them and to ask someone to be your best man.


Be the first to have them first:

This is important way before the wedding. Hence, plan and ask the groomsmen to be ready beside you and secure them with the groomsmen proposal beforehand. And don’t forget to ask them to be there beside you while you take up your vows.

Never be obliged:

It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing at any time when it comes to weddings and groomsmen proposal. No matter where you see them at or what the situation is. Go ahead and make the proposal right away so that they don’t slip away from the wedding hustle. However, don’t become too desperate and ask them while in funerals or sad occasions. Any happy occasions or an accidental bump onto each other may give a good opportunity to ask someone to be your best man.

ways to ask groomsmen

Hush there is a secret:

Well, weddings seem to have a lot of loopholes. Especially when it comes to the groomsmen proposal, the loophole to ask someone to be your best man is that they don’t have to be a man. Yes, there are all kinds of ways to ask groomsmen to be there at our wedding and the fun thing is that they can be anybody.

No matter what gender they are they can still accept the groomsmen proposal. They can choose to be groomswomen or best lady name it yourself.